1  Initial consultation with the client

         Client conveys project requirements including:

  • Scope and audience
  • Illustration or graphic design vision
  • Artwork for media (e.g., print, internet, software) deliverables
  • Timing and deadlines
  • Budget
  • Terms of contract (e.g., payment schedule, copyright)

2  Draft concepts

          Designer provides a minimum of two concepts but will vary depending on client requirements

3  Present draft concepts / Installment payment

          Designer formally presents draft concepts to the client and obtains feedback

          Client pays installment fee according to the terms of the contract for work rendered to date

4  Edits required

          Designer discusses with the client if edits to concept(s) are required

5  Revise concepts

          Designer revises the concept(s) according to client requirements

6  Finalize deliverables / Final payment

          Designer makes arrangements for final delivery of media to the client

          Client pays final fees for work completed


Examples of artwork for print can include but are not exclusive to: posters, books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers, technical white papers, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signage, banners, tradeshow displays, packaging, decals, stickers, apparel, retail products.

Examples of artwork for internet and software can include but are not exclusive to: user interface icons, information graphics, web advertising, presentation templates.