Works to Date



"I Had A Dream"

2016, Digital, 4 Panels, approximately 80" x 60"

The way we treat those who have different opinions or don't agree with our views, reflects our values as a nation. Living life as a person of colour is a far different experience than living life as a member of the privileged class. Protesting for change results in outcomes not that different from Martin Luther King Jr's day.

"I Had A Dream," detail 1, upper left panel, "Street Pieta"

"I Had A Dream," detail 2, middle panel. 50 casings representing the 50 States.

"I Had A Dream," detail 3, left-bottom panel.

Being a naturalised Canadian citizen has afforded me and my family a life that I could not possibly have imagined in my country of origin. It has opened up opportunities. It has given me a chance to meet people I would never have met. It has given me a chance to participate in a free and honest society. For this, I’m forever grateful to my father for coming to Canada.

That being said, there have been jarring situations where I’ve been reminded that I’m a person of colour. That I somehow don’t belong in this place that I call home. Simply because of the colour of my skin. As much as this bothers me, it’s no comparison when contrasted with the plight of people of colour in the U.S. Especially young African American men. Simply because of the colour of their skin, they are harassed by the police. They are treated with suspicion. The most disturbing aspect of this is the fact that guns are more freely available in the U.S. than in Canada.



"Circle of Violence"

1998, Digital, 10" x 10"

One of the first editorial illustrations that I've attempted in Fractal Design Painter III (now Corel Painter 2015) with a Wacom digitizing tablet connected to my computer.

I decided on a simple circular layout that reinforced the subject - children who have been physically abused are more likely to beat their own children when they grow up. This process will likely perpetuate itself without any intervention.

This illustration explores that sad circle of violence - from abused to abuser.



"Green Deception"

2015, Digital, Colour Pencil, Charcoal, 12" x 12"

Volkswagen was caught cheating on diesel emissions tests through sophisticated software programming. If certain conditions are met (steady state engine load, no steering inputs, stationary back wheel, etc.), the car would enter a 'testing' mode where it would emit the lowest emissions the diesel engine is capable of (at the expense of power). All other times the car would pump out dramatically more.

This revelation has tarnished Volkswagen's reputation and has put the company in a downward spiral in public perception.



"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

2016, Digital, 19" x 13"

For the past several years, Syrian families are risking everything to flee from the civil war tearing their country apart. They are crossing the oceans in dangerously flimsy and overcrowded boats into Europe to try to find peace and a better life. In return, they are met with indifference, annoyance, suspicion, or sometimes open hostility and racism by certain communities in the countries they wish to join. This painting illustrates the dangers they face.