It’s weird that fall has become may favourite season. As a child, fall heralded the end of summer and meant that winter was on its way. Being an island boy, I never liked winter. Winter always meant less sunshine, shorter days and the requisite ‘seasonal affective disorder,’ (which I always thought was a made-up condition). As a grown man, I’ve grown to like winter for all its clean, stark beauty.

Fall offers a wealth of natural beauty along the foothills and mountains of BC and Alberta. Our recent drive out and back from Radium, British Columbia reinforced why this season is so special. Fog covered peaks and the brilliant yellow foliage of the foothills by the Rocky Mountains. Also, those twisty mountain roads are something special when driven in the right car ;-)


It just goes to show you that you don’t need a lot of money to revel in the beauty of the world. I’m enjoying this season for as long as I can.