Looking over my files, I’ve come to the realization that I hoard almost all of the previous versions of the files that I’m working on. I guess this stems from working with unreliable computers and storage systems.

In the past, I worked on various computer systems (Mac and PC). All hooked up to some form of external storage like SyQuest, ZIP or Jaz drive. These invariably used one weird connection scheme or another. Small Computer Serial Interface (SCSI) was especially evil. The Macs themselves were notoriously buggy with their mono-tasking, shared memory systems. One misbehaving app can and did take the whole system down. The point is, with this type of working environment, you really had to save and save often. It HAD to become a habit because if you lost what you were working on, you were royally screwed.

Which is why my job folders end up looking like this:

Each of those files average about 200 megabytes or more. A monumental waste of space on the local 500Gb hard drive. I can’t delete them. Too scared. I might need them. Someday. Maybe…